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The Tony Kart Australia team race truck can be found at many of the race meetings throughout Australia. It not only carries the race team karts but also has a large supply of the OTK spare parts and accessories, as well as racing consumables for any racer.

The OTK genuine spare parts we carry are also available for Kosmic, FA, Exprit & Redspeed chassis that are often needed by drivers of these chassis.


Tony Kart Australia, have a consistent and plentiful supply of all the genuine OTK spares made by Tony Kart.


The large race team tents we use, are to provide a comfortable and professional environment in which to work.


Tony Kart Australia can also offer your driver a chance to race in a professional environment, but equally important, make it time and cost efficient to race at these meetings for yourself and/or your Driver.


Traveling interstate to these race meetings means time away from work and school, as well as the cost of traveling in terms of time, fuel, wear & tear to your vehicle. The sheer cost of transport and time away from work in terms of cost, and having Tony Kart Technicians close by makes perfect sense. A budget is required to race with the race team and can be catered to suit individuals.


Tony Kart Australia can offer a arrive and drive, with all the pre-race preparation done at our race workshop by our race technicians.

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