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rookie evM

The first model of the Rookie was born in 2020, at the same time as the first homologation reserved to the new international Mini CIK-FIA category, as a result of the intense work by the OTK Kart Group R&D department and the Tony Kart Racing Team, at the forefront of the most prestigious international competitions. For 2024 there is a new version which is a direct evolution of the previous EVH & EVS chassis.

The frame of the Rookie EVM is created on the basis of the information gathered on track by the Tony Kart Racing Team, engaged on international race tracks, and subsequently developed by the OTK Kart Group R&D department. Since the very first moments, both with the first 2020 edition and with the current EVM version, the aim has been to develop a chassis able to provide the best possible compromise between performance and ease of setting up the vehicle for all young karters.

Also in the 2020 Mini Rookie chassis, as for the chassis of the superior classes, the lower adjustable seat supports are used in order to make the mounting in different positions easier. Regarding the ergonomic point of view, the new frame is supplied as standard equipment with the inclined steering wheel hub, in addition to the steering wheel, already in use, specifically developed for the small hands of the 60 mini drivers. The materials used for the components are processed through machined processes that guarantee the total duplicability of each product along with the highest quality standards. The new Rookie EVM also features an adjustable footrest, useful for adapting the driving position to the different heights of the drivers in this category, and a pedal attachment system which allows the fitting of a complete rudder pedal.

The BSM5 brake system on the Tony Kart Rookie has been extensively tested and has proven to be at the top in terms of performance and efficiency. The system is equipped with automatic pedal stroke recovery for pad wear and now features a new floating disc. The pump is made of Ergal, while the brake lines are with outer cover stainless steel braid. All the components in Ergal, a material chosen for its excellent mechanical resistance, undergo a hard oxidation treatment in order to give the components a significant anti-wear surface hardness.


As always, the kart is aesthetically featured by the innovative M8 fairing kit, studied in the wind tunnel and already tested with remarkable results on top category karts. The number plate spoiler, able to further reduce aerodynamic resistance and now completely green in colour, is undoubtedly an element that can contribute to making a difference in terms of performance, in a category where races are often played out on the edge of thousandths of a second.

  • Wheelbase: 950mm

  • Rail diameter: 28mm

  • Axle diameter: 30mm

  • Ride height adjustment: Front & Rear

  • Self adjusting BSM4 brake system with floating brake disc

2020 Rookie EV
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