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rocky exp 6

In the Australian Cadet 9 and Cadet 12 classes, these chassis are responsible for many championships, continually leaving the opposition pondering.

The smaller pilots are not forgotten by Tony Kart. These smaller chassis for the future champions, share many of the same features and developments from the chassis that win world championships.


28mm diameter tubing specifically made for the grip level and service life, adjustable ride height in the front and rear, caster/ camber adjusters supplied as a standard feature, and with the famous twin master cylinder braking system (MSB), these chassis are simple to operate, and easy for the dad mechanic to set up.

  • Wheelbase: 900mm

  • Rail Diameter: 28mm

  • Axle Diameter: 30mm

  • Ride Height Adjustment: Front & Rear

  • Twin Master Cylinder Brakes

  • Flat Top Steering Wheel

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