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nordix ev

The Tony Kart Nordix EV chassis for 2020 and beyond is a complete “Clean Sheet” from the previous Nordix . The experience from the design team and the collaboration of the Tony Kart Racing Team, has resulted in the Nordix EV chassis hitting the circuits on the ‘”mark” from the word ‘’GO"

The 28mm Chrome Molybdenum chassis is new from the track up, and is designed for the Junior racer, just up from Cadet 12, to start their Junior career.


The lessons learned from the Tony Kart Race Team has resulted in a chassis that is very fast, set up in standard form, that is both very easy to manage over a race week end, and a chassis that instills confidence from the very start. 

The attention to detail, along with components modelled from the larger chassis gives the young Pilot the tools to go faster & faster. The goal is to provide all young kart drivers with the best compromise to guarantee top performances and, at the same time, great ease of drive and adjustment of the kart.

The new self adjusting BSM4 braking system, already tested and proven to be at the top in terms of efficiency and performance. Equipped with self-adjusting brake pedal as the brake pads wear, the brake uses a 160 mm diameter self-ventilated disc and is characterised by the single cylinder master cylinder with oil tank and the brake pipes covered with an aeronautical flexible steel mesh. The BSM4 brake system is easy to operate by the driver, and along with the progressive pedal feedback, makes braking confidently something that occurs every corner, every lap.

The chassis comes standard with multi hole caster adjusters, adjustable ride height front and rear, Tony Kart flat bottom seat, engine mount, New design MXJ wheels, and the wind tunnel designed and tested M8 bodyworks. All of this coupled with a stunning livery…….Don’t let your Pilot be the competitor that doesn’t have all of this

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