Victorian Country Series R6 - Warrnambool

Warrnambool Kart Club was the host of the final round of the 2017 Victorian Country Series.

KA3 Senior Light saw Jack Bell take his Racer 401S chassis to victory. Adam Pasek had a great showing of speed by qualifying on pole position and having the fastest lap in heat 1, however he just missed out on a podium finish in 4th place. In 5th place was SA driver Nikki Watson who had the fastest lap of the final, 6th was Joel MacPherson who also showed great speed throughout the weekend.

In Cadet 12, local Warrnambool driver Jaxson Johnstone finished the final in 3rd position aboard his Tony Kart Neos chassis, Caleb Spence was 6th, in 7th was Isaac Woodhouse, and in 13th position at the flag was Thomas Patching in his Tony Kart Neos chassis.

KA4 Junior Heavy, SA driver Aaron Oliver crossed the line in the final in 2nd place after qualifying in 2nd and winning heat 1. Daniel Hookway was 5th after qualifying in 2nd place aboard his Tony Kart chassis.

In 125 Tag Restricted Light, Tony Kart drivers, Lachlan Hill finished in 5th place with Andrew Sotiropoulos behind him in 6th and Lachlan Vandermeer crossed the line in 8th position.

Tyler O'Leary had a very successful weekend by qualifying on pole position and going on to win every heat and final. In the final SA driver Amber Miller crossed the line in 4th position, with Ethan Bray, Bethany Koch and Marty Wright finishing in 11th, 12th & 13th.

In TAG 125 Light, Mildura driver Connor Farr finished the final in 2nd position in the Racer 401S with brothers Maverick and Harley Benson coming home in 4th & 5th.

SA driver Leo Iannella had a consistent weekend in Cadet 9 but an unfortunte indcient in the final caused him to DNF.

In TAG 125 Restricted Masters, Andrew Stubbs finished 2nd, Hamilton round winner Matthew Crane was 4th and pole sitter Leon Forrest finished in 5th place.

TAG 125 Restricted Heavy saw Michael Angwin claim the win in his Tony Kart Krypton with Aldo Distefano crossing the line in 3rd position.


Results from the 2017 Victorian Country Series overall are:

Cadet 9

4th - Leo Iannella
10th - Caleb Spence

Cadet 12

3rd - Jaxson Johnstone
4th - Isaac Woodhouse
8th - Nathan Emmins
12th - Thomas Patching

KA4 Junior Light

8th - Nerinda Beard

KA4 Junior Heavy

2nd - Aaron Oliver
3rd - Daniel Hookway

KA3 Junior

2nd - Tyler O'Leary
4th - Amber Miller
8th - Marty Wright
10th - Declan Foo
11th - Bethany Koch
17th - Ethan Bray

KA3 Senior Light

1st - Jack Bell
2nd - Nikki Watson
4th - Joel MacPherson
7th - Jordan Dudfield
8th - Hayden Jericho
9th - Adam Pasek
14th - Natasha Emmins

TAG Restricted Light

3rd - Andrew Sotiropoulos
4th - Lachlan Hill
16th - Lachlan Vandermeer

TAG Restricted Medium

5th - James Stewart

TAG Restricted Masters

2nd - Andrew Stubbs
4th - Matthew Crane
6th - Leon Forrest

TAG Restricted Heavy

1st - Michael Angwin
8th - Aldo DiStefano

TAG 125 Light

3rd - Connor Farr
6th - Maverick Benson
8th - Harley Benson

TAG 125 Heavy

7th - Bjorn Schultheiss