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krypton TDX

The new TDX, heir to the Krypton 801 R, incorporates all the winning features of Tony Kart's top-range model, the Racer 401 RR. The main difference between TDX and Racer is the diameter of the chrome molybdenum steel tubes that make up the frame: Ø 32 mm for the TDX, Ø 30 mm for the Racer. No difference between the two models, however, as far as the latest developments and changes introduced, starting from the M10 fairing kit, combined with the M7 number plate spoiler now in green, as well as some technical solutions aimed at optimizing the driving position. The highest attention to details, the highest quality of raw materials used for each component and the continuous evolution of the product, fed by the Tony Kart Racing Team's work on track, remain unchanged.

The Tony Kart TDX, like the single-speed Racer 401 RR, is also equipped with the BSD braking system. This system, which bears the OTK Kart Group signature, is the same one fitted on the karts that won the OK and OKJ world titles two years in a row, in 2020 and 2021. The rear brake caliper is forged in a single piece: inside there are two Ø 34.5 mm pistons with stroke recovery, combined with a two-piston brake pump and to the brake line kit with PTFE inner tube. The material used to manufacture the brake caliper and pump kit is Ergal, featured by excellent mechanical strength, while the hard oxidation process reduces wear on the moving parts.

Aerodynamics has been a central element in the work of OTK Kart Group's R&D department for several years, through in-depth wind tunnel tests and CFD computer simulations. The M7 number plate spoiler, with its innovative design and able to reduce the aerodynamic resistance, with the consequent increase of the performance, is now joined by the new M10 fairing kit, realized to further refine the Tony Kart chassis under the aerodynamic profile. The side bumpers have been lightened and streamlined, favouring the cooling of the rear tyres, while the front spoiler and the rear protection adjustable in width, comply with the latest FIA directives in terms of safety. There is also the "integral" floorplate, inherited from the Krypton 801 R, which completely covers the area between the chassis tubes at the front, further optimizing aerodynamics.

A fundamental aspect for every driver is the driving position: for this reason, OTK Kart Group's R&D department constantly works to propose continuous improvements and refinements. Among them, the Tony Kart TDX introduces more flexibility in the footrest adjustment and features new seat supports. The HGS steering wheel is the same as the one on the Krypton 801 R: equipped with high grip and comfort rubber grips, it considerably increases the driver's driving sensitivity. The steering wheel is combined with an angled hub for a fully ergonomic driving position.

The day to day work of the OTK Kart Group is undertaken with the philosophy of improving every aspect of the kart, with a view to finding new and improved solutions for every single component. To this end, the Krypton 801R also benefits from the introduction of a specific newly designed steering wheel which gives a high grip yet comfortable feel to the driver. Complimenting the wheel is the reclined steering hub, which is able to be adapted perfectly to fit each individual driver.

  • Wheelbase: 1040mm

  • Rail Diameter: 32mm

  • Axle Diameter: 50mm

  • Ride Height Adjustment: Front & Rear

  • Torsion Bar: Front (Removable & Adjustable)

  • Twin Master Cylinders Self Adjusting Brakes

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