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engine service

Baron Engines have been building and developing kart race engines since 1979 till present. A major factor of the success of our engine building capabilities is the fact the everything is done in house to ensure consistent, legal, reliable engines. All the machining work, being turning, facing, boring and milling are carried out by qualified machinists to high precision standards.

In particular, our cylinder preparation is known in the kart racing circles as one of the very best in the field. This is in no small part due to our precision Italian Honing machine, with its infinite honing speed and cutting pressure variability to ensure the correct cross hatch and honing plateau finish is the best for any given cylinder. Of course the Rotax and KZ cylinders with their Nikasil platting finish, which can only be honed with Diamond stones, is also catered for by our honing machine. We also offer a range of diamond stone finishes and plateau effects for the Nikasil bores that many engine builders cannot offer you.


Baron Engine Developments, also utilizes its own, computer controlled, DYNO LOG Dynamometer.

This eddy current dyno is capable of test running the engines , with a pre-determined test length, with varying RPM release rates to simulate the time taken to accelerate you kart from the exit of a corner to the end of the straight, individually set for each engine class. This is NOT an inertia style dyno, that many other engine tuners use, that are not capable of accurately measuring any possible floors your engine may have, due to the inertia wheel actually overriding the engines flat spots because of the very design of these dyno’s.

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